Saved by the BEL?

Belle Corporation

BEL is kinda forming a bullish bat pattern with an X 88.6% at 3.67 and 1.618 Bat at 3.77. Another pattern is Bullish AB=CD pattern at 3.58. Ichimoku indicators are bearish though…

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EW possible reversal?


East West might be doing a reversal anytime soon. Accumulation is between AB=CD 19.34 – 88.6% of X at 20.63.


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FNI levels should hold or else


The cloud is acting as support at 2.89 in FNI and must hold, if not we might see this going to 2.48 – 2.56 levels.

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Manila Water Potential AB=CD



MWC has the potential to form an AB=CD pattern if it breaks 33.58 of 61.8 of fibonacci. Tenkan-sen, Kijun-Sen and Chinkou Span are positive. In the next month, it will enter the bullish Senkou Span.