BLOOM – Follow the Trend?


Checking the trend of BLOOM seems like trend support is holding. Candlestick signal is good (Spinning Top), STS is good. Hopefully it will reach a 8.33.

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DAVIN, Take note.


Keep watching DAVIN, you can within the the fibo area. Cut below 5.70 or where you feel comfortable. Stochastics and RSI looks good and stable in daily and weekly.

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VITA, what happened? when will you bounce?

I’m seeing island top for VITA, wait for bounce for exit. STS and RSI are oversold. I think those are the two strong support for a bounce… i think~

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PCOR – to bounce or not to bounce


Check if it will bounce, needs confirmation!

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EMP, making a move


EMP is now starting to move upwards, getting pulled by the 38.2 fibonacci and by the kijunsen around 10. (Weekly)

Let’s check it’s daily



As you can see in the daily chart, there might be a potential that it can be pulled by the cloud when the price enters its area. All ichimoku indicators are bullish.


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NIKL going up?

NIKL 7-10-2015

NIKL showing signs of reversal, if this pushes through the it might to go around 22. If the resistance is broken then it will head towards 23.8 easily fill it’s gap. CAVEAT

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