CHI 100 Moving Average… Will it trigger?


CHI 100 MA is now acting as a support. If this holds, do you know what will happen next? I don’t. :3


Saved by the BEL?

Belle Corporation

BEL is kinda forming a bullish bat pattern with an X 88.6% at 3.67 and 1.618 Bat at 3.77. Another pattern is Bullish AB=CD pattern at 3.58. Ichimoku indicators are bearish though…

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Fly high FLI? Bearish Bat?


It seems like a bearish bat is forming for FLI. I tried checking with some other patterns then this is what i came up with. AB=CD pattern at 161.8% = 1.98, BC at 2.618% = 2.07 and XA of Bat at 88.6% = 2.11. Ichimoku indicators are bullish especially if the chinkou span is out of the cloud. Well of course, it should break the resistances. Caveat!

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MEG still creating new highs?


Recently, MEG just reached an all time high but i think it’s not that significant. But if you are going to look at its chart, all the indicators are bullish. This might go up or might retest support around 5 then another run.


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