PSEI Index Status


We’re now in the bearish territory and it seems like it’s still getting lower for me. 6,600 might be the next stop and let’s hope it will hold, if not there’s a chance that it will fill the gap in the 6,200 area. My suggestion is to focus on the outliers, but take extra caution. There should also be a potential bounce on that levels, those stocks that are heavily sold should do the same.

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FNI – Okay, so what’s next?


Price is already out of the cloud, Next stop is 1.58-1.60. When KS and TS is out of the cloud, then it will be more interesting. Check Daily for reference. Always make sure you have a plan in place.



TUGS – Keep In View


Symmetrical triangle is being formed in TUGS, give it a few more days to see what will happen next. Stochastic looks good. If not, might be seeing this land around 1.80

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