SLI, Cup and Handle Breakout?


SLI is forming it’s handle and it seems like it’s about to breakout anytime soon. Ichimoku indicators should get out of the cloud soon. Caveat!



LPZ going strong?


LPZ should observe the 127% fibonacci, if this breaks it will go to 9.84 of 161.8% then onwards to 13.47 of 261.8%. But you always have to remember that 161.8% fibo is a strong resistance/support. Caveat!

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MEG still creating new highs?


Recently, MEG just reached an all time high but i think it’s not that significant. But if you are going to look at its chart, all the indicators are bullish. This might go up or might retest support around 5 then another run.


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FNI P31-b FOO next month

FNI P31-b FOO next month, price TBD on Mar. 13

  • Global Ferronickel Holdings, Inc. added
  • FNI will sell 6.16-b common shares with an option to sell another 924.7-m shares at a max price of P4.38/sh.
  • Final FOO price will be announced on Mar. 13; offer period from Mar. 17-23.
  • FNI is the 3rd largest nickel producer in the country in terms of volume shipped. It accounted for 11% of PHL’s nickel ore exports in 2013.

source: Regina Capital Corporation